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What do we do?

To keep it short: we develop tools to help you organize, interact with and manage your stream community in a fun and friendly way. The sparking idea for all this was the concept of rewards. Rewards are small selectable actions that have an impact in the games you play which are chosen by your viewers when for example donating to you via your donation page. From this notion, we planned a wide variety of playful, interesting, and helpful tools designed to make your stream and community interactions as fun and exciting as possible. Since summer 2020 we sit tirelessly on developing StreamSniper for you and starting on the 29th of January you and 49 other people will be able to try our reward feature in combination with your very own donation page for the first time.

Did we mention: the first 50 users get a free-forever-pass for all current and upcoming features of StreamSniper — a little thank you for our early adopters.

Make it interactive.

Have your viewers decide what happens next with our reward feature for stream donations.

your style.

Create a fun and truly unique stream experience with our upcoming overlay and page editor.

Keep it transparent.

Be honest with your community just like we are honest with you. Read more about our transparency promise here.