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Our Core Idea
It was a warm summer day in the ancient year... 2020. One of our founders was laying in the grass thinking about nothing when a thought popped into his head: "Why must all stream interactions be either incredibly geeky or hard to setup? And why do I lay in the grass anyway?" And while the latter thought was quickly dismissed, the former stuck and was eventually developed into StreamSniper — the site and platform you see today.
So what is our core idea? Bringing viewers and streamers together with fun, new and helpful tools like our rewards; giving both sides the platform to interact, communicate and play together as a community.

The Reward Feature
We talk so much about our reward feature you surely must be wondering: What exactly is this?
Here's the short answer: rewards are like Twitch's channel points... except on steroids.

But let us elaborate. Rewards allow you as a viewer to interact with the game the streamer is playing or even the streamer itself. This works by connecting events like donations, follows, or even channel points with a game integration like a Minecraft mod or a virtual controller. Depending on how the streamer has set up their rewards you can either help or punish them live on stream.

As a streamer, on the other hand, you can fully customize your rewards, how and where they're broadcasted, and what happens once they're played. They might do simple things like playing a sound or performing an action in-game but with a little finesse and a bit of coding knowledge you can create your own integrations that can do whatever you want. You can even make the viewer enter additional data if you want. It's all up to you and your creativity.

Our transparency promise
Or rather: we want to be as fair and transparent with you as possible.
We find it very frustrating to work with companies that can't be straight with us. So we said: "Let's mix it up a bit!" and came up with a promise. A promise to keep you up-to-date about our intentions, plans, and actions with StreamSniper as good as we can. We hope by telling you honestly why we do things like we do, we can grow as a community. Plus: nobody likes to be bullsh*tted! We want to set a good example of a modern and progressive startup that inspires its users to be honest as well.