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Early Access
All you need to know about our early access plan.
Pre Alpha
Starting on the 29th of January our pre alpha (also known as our public test run) is designed to give you a little heads up of what to expect from StreamSniper. We'll showcase our reward feature available for your donation page on StreamSniper with Minecraft as our first game integration and Twitch as our target streaming platform. We will also limit the amount of user sign-ups to 50 people so our small team can properly respond to all of your feedback. In addition all participants will get a free-forever-pass for all current and upcoming StreamSniper features — a little thank you for our early adopters.

Closed Beta
The closed beta is where we kick it up a notch. We're planning on bringing more game and stream integrations to you and offer a wider range of features like an overlay editor, automated chat moderations, event-triggered rewards and much more. We also want to bring other payment methods like PayPal or Google Pay to our platform. But the spiciest thing about our closed beta is: you decide who will have access. Each signed up user will get a limited amount of invites to give away to fellow streamers or friends.

Goal: Release
Our final goal for the early access program is the release. After that the signup process will be open for everyone and we will target a broader audience with features to support even more games and platforms. We will of course continue to develop new and awesome tools for you to enjoy.